Summer dressing, a combination of comfort and style is key. The components you need to take into account are color, material and fit.

Light colors reflect heat and darks absorb, so think bright and light if you want to stay cool. Spice things up with boldly patterned shirts but match with plains, so as to not overdo it. Plains do not have to be dull though; a rainbow-like color choice is available in the pants department nowadays and I say go for it!

Cotton and linen are ideal for their lightness and breathability. On the occasion when a suit may be required, avoid anything that fits with too closely. You may opt for a tailored look, but always demand a cut that allows for a little circulation so the body remains cool and keeps unsightly perspiration marks at bay. Try something in fine, crisp cotton or, my favourite, seersucker.

Summer Dressing Up-Top

Two is the magic number when it comes to the amount of buttons undone on your shirt. If you have somewhere formal to attend, opt for something that is casual but crisp to add a touch of understated class, you can’t go wrong with a white linen shirt.

Pick and choose the pieces that add your own twist to classic gentlemen’s outfitting

If you want to display a masculine leathery tan, a simple white tee has been considered the epitome of casual cool and remains a safe but classic choice ever since James Dean made it iconic in Rebel Without a Cause. It still looks timeless with a pair of lightweight pants.

French tennis player Rene Lacoste, made the polo shirt a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Having a collar they are regarded as more formal than the T-Shirt and can be worn easily from day to evening, so ideal for drinks on a summer’s evening or indeed a spot of tennis.

Summer Dressing Down Below

Shorts are the obvious choice when the temperature rises. A good mid-weight cotton chino short will stop you looking like a scruffy Herbert in this more casual of garments. For those who could take the grand prize in any ‘Knobbly Knees’ competition, stick to chinos in light or super lightweight cotton.

So, there are the summer dressing basics chaps, browse through our site to find everything you’ll need to turn your summer clothes into summer outfits. Be it a jaunty cap, a silky pocket square or an excellent pair of shoes. Pick and choose the pieces that add your own twist to classic gentlemen’s outfitting.

Lord Trousers.

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