Denim. Those of us of a certain age will remember the iconic aftershave advert of 1979. Wherein a bloke becomes irresistible after a splash of the eponymous pong.

Now I remember the scent being something close to a sweetish mosquito repellent, but nevertheless the appeal of the denim shirt lives on.

With its origins in work wear. The denim shirt was a practical, multi-pocketed shirt or light jacket to service the needs of the Klondike Gold miners.

Its practicality remains intact, but like much other work wear it has softened through use, via the Western, into a wardrobe staple. If I’m mowing the lawn, or having a gander under the bonnet of the motorcar, a denim shirt is my go-to garment. With a practical pocket for smokes, phone and pressure gauge, the sleeves roll back nicely for graft, exposing manly forearms and trusty wristwatch.

For this reason, the ladies have always liked the denim shirt. Hence its uptake by some of our most masculine style symbols, from Redford to McQueen and Dean.

How to wear a denim shirt

When it comes to picking a pair of trews for your denim shirt – you have a number of options. A classic summer look is to match with a pair of tan chinos, stylish, eternal and all available online…

The ladies have always liked the denim shirt

It is the kind of shirt that will wear the masculine badge of a few oil stains, frays and scuffs with pride.

However, freshly laundered and smelling lightly of soap suds, the shirt sits happily under a blazer or tweed as off-duty smart casual.

With the latter in mind, we give ours the preppy pedigree of the Peter Christian boxing hares. Woven discreetly on the pocket and a button down collar with buttons of classic horn.

Forget the aphrodisiac aftershave maybe add a touch of axle grease and a spanner for effect; that is what I call horny!

Parp, parp!

Lord Trousers.

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