Looking to elevate your gentleman’s winter apparel? Consider toasty moleskins, a natty tweed or the perfect all-rounder – corduroy pants.

“You should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth.” Henrik Ibsen.

You might say this, dear Henrik, but we’d contest that every day is a chance to joust for one’s truth and freedom. Or perhaps we just love good pants – especially in winter. This may be a time for reflection but it’s also the season of standing out – whether you’re at the country club or chapel. From consummate cords to the obligatory moleskin, we’ve handpicked five perfect men’s winter pants to ensure your winter wardrobe sings like a robin through the snow.

Men's Corduroy Pants


With perfect ac–Cord

Invented by the ancient Egyptians but supercharged by factories of the Industrial Revolution, corduroys are as British as loyal hounds and liberty. 100% cotton and designed to be dressed up or dressed down, they’ll keep you toasty through any social consideration. The expanding waistband is extremely forgiving for those (*dofs flat cap*) who are liable to pack on a few pounds as ballast against gallant wintry currents.

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Men's Moleskin Pants


Live in Moleskin

Original moleskin might have been shaped from the coats of the ocularly challenged mammal, but we are happy to confirm that no animals were hurt in the stitching of this utterly classic pantaloon. Famed for its tough-yet-velvety texture that will drape your pins in warmth but be stout enough to see you through a clutch of winters. The moleskin pants also have a French bearer button secreted behind the zip to give a trim approach at the front. Parfait!

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Men's Tweed Pants


Need for Tweed

Does any item of clothing say more about its owner than tweed pants? We’re scratching our heads. This style entered our lauded halls in 1848 when Prince Albert purchased Balmoral Castle and designed the Balmoral tweed. If you want to turn heads and hearts on the fens, these 100% wool men’s pants can be twinned with vests and jackets (whether they match is down to your sense of adventure). Quiet night in front of the hearth with your betrothed? A plain cotton shirt with tweed pants will keep you warm – but impeccably stated – as midnight draws close.

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Men's Wool and Silk Pants

Oh, the pull of Silk and Wool

With their combining of wool and silk, these men’s pants are surely the most perfectly matched duo since willow met leather. The wool keeps you warm while the silk provides air to breathe – perfect for an evening’s libations or a winter afternoon in the office. Men’s wool pants can sometimes accrue a reputation for being thick and itchy against hirsute legs but fear not – these will be soft as air whilst maintaining the perfect temperature.

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Men's Cord Jeans

It’s all in the Jeans

Jeans achieve the envious combination of being superior gentlemen’s pants whilst embracing an everyman spirit. Whether you’re looking for bullish denim, 100% cotton drill, or flattering cord, you’ll negotiate any situation with style and elan. Built to last through winter – and beyond – the western cut of the needle cord also bequeaths a flattering fit for the man comfortable with his wider waistline. Natty up with an emerald green to ensure you’ll stick out whilst stepping out.

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